Motorway fun

Have you seen a snazzier toilet in a roadside cafe? It cost 50 cents to use but was totally worth it.

Was I mauled by a pack of wild dogs? No, this is just what happens when you wear a $15 raincoat on the motorway at 80 miles an hour…

2 thoughts on “Motorway fun

  1. Super news -sort of, but does all sound like an adventure from this side of the world. Keep up the exploring. Remember RL Stevenson said it was the journey not the destination…he of course did not live in the age of flight and motorways Take it it was raining-re the raincoat. what a b. Big hugs to my gorgeous munchkins. Lvmd

  2. Good stories Dot. That is one splendid loo. I hope you stayed a while and got your money’s worth. I’m not sure about the angle of the photo at Heather’s place but it looks like you have to crawl around while watching your head. It was -5C here last night and the same expected tonight so enjoy that sun. The Raiders won so we’re feeling ten feet tall and bullet-proof.

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