On the chateau trail

We couldn’t ride through the Loire Valley without living like kings…

Chateau Chambord. Yes, pretty impressive.

Every house needs a pool room.

A lovely room of death.

Why have a staircase when you can have a double helix made of marble in the middle of your foyer?

Lunch in the grounds: leftover cheese, pesto and olive tapenade from last night’s dinner, a 1.10 euro baguette from the ‘specialites regionale’ shop onsite, and tea from the thermos. Oh I love France.


4 thoughts on “On the chateau trail

  1. Gotta love a pool room! Glad you got off the motorways – such a boring way to get anywhere. The castles are truly amazing – do you wish you had a swishy dress to wear???? Luv Mum

  2. You have been travelling to and thru some of my most treasured memories. So so different to our wide brown land. V happy to hear my gorgeous boy is taking care of you. Continue your fun and your entertaining blog. Hugs all round Lvmd

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