we heart sitges

When we decided we didn’t fancy staying in Barcelona but instead wanted to be somewhere nice with less traffic we could get the train from, I turned to Lonely Planet and thought Sitges sounded like the right way to go. And so it was. For anyone with a fondness for beaches, shopping, cocktails bars and gay men from across the globe, this is the place to be. And who doesn’t have a fondness for those? Toby found us a fantastic deal for a beautiful hotel where we holed up for 3 whole nights, to mark the middle of our ride. It was a chance to rest, to do laundry, to not ride the bike. It was marvellous and we didn’t want to leave.

Picture of Sitges on the wall of our hotel room.

I loved this doorway. I think it was a graphic design company.

Everything is better here, even Toby’s hair.


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