Expect the unexpected

Like soldiers and boy scouts, road trippers must prepare for the worst while hoping for the best. Because sometimes, things can go a bit pear-shaped…

Like when the GPS unexpectedly sends you to a ferry port to get to your next destination...

...although forced down time is never a bad thing.

Or when the bike suddenly, quietly runs out of oil while you're busy getting lost in Angers.

That’s Toby using a baby bottle to refill the bike’s oil. Because oil comes in bottles that can’t pour. And the garage only has their own funnel, and look surprised when you ask for it but don’t have the bike with you, and the language barrier is just too much so you say “merci” about 1000 times and run away before you embarrass yourself any further. And the average funnel bought from a supermarket, I assume meant for some kind of special French dessert cooking, doesn’t cut it so you spill oil everywhere and hope no one slips on it. But a 7 euro baby bottle with pink pictures of bunnies on it? Perfect.


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