Life is made of moments

Sometimes – especially from the back of a motorbike – the things that really make me smile, warm my heart, make me think it’s all worthwhile, assure me I’m luckier than just about anyone, only last a heartbeat. A blink of an eye.

Fields of sunflowers, faces tilted towards the sun. A bride and groom being showered with rose petals outside the village hall, smiling in the perfect June afternoon. The Spanish baby laughing out loud from his pram at Toby’s gringo hat. Passing over the Seine, looking up and down at beautiful Paris before it disappears. The little boy waving madly to us (little kids love motorbikes) as we left the roadside cafe. A couple on their second honeymoon (second marriage?) cuddling all the way up the walk to Chambord chateau. A glimpse of a grand country home from behind a wrought iron gate, the turret of a Loire chateau behind a vineyard.

And of course, the food, which never lasts long enough…

Spanish version of a trucker's breakfast

Mmm profiteroles

My dinner used to be able to see.

Oysters are La Cotiniere's speciality, so we had to indulge.

We have eaten a lifetime's worth of ice cream on this trip. We're blaming the hot weather.

How I would eat all my vegies if I could - grilled with olive oil, and some kind of condiment. In this case my new favourite, romesco.

Dodgy looking meatballs.

The menu said "lamb and potatoes" and it did not disappoint, or surprise.

Is my lasagne burnt? No, it's just made from squid ink. Strange. Delicious.

Pizza is always a good option - cheap, less of a language barrier, and always something vegetarian. This was a great example in Lille.


You know what they say about the size of a man's calzone.

I drank it all by myself! I love how rose wine seems a perfectly respectable choice in Europe.


3 thoughts on “Life is made of moments

  1. I am so proud of you Dot. Taking on things that used to see….and even breathe…in a gilly sort of way. Am I allowed to put fish on the menu in the near future? Bad luck re the oil. May the remaining days be delightful, minus undesirable hiccups. Lvmd

    • Unfortunately not Di…just gave myself permission for this trip so I could eat 🙂 Had to very studiously not think about what I was eating in order to enjoy it! Funnily enough wasn’t as difficult to enjoy shellfish. But the food has been grand!!

  2. Even some of us meat/fish eaters find it difficult consuming something that seems to be looking at us! Good choice to widen the menu for the trip – one less stress in your day. Love all the photos – the world is just full of special places isn’t it? You will have so many wonderful memories and be able to call them up when you need a little reminder that life can be a little less routine. Enjoy your last few days. Hope the bike sale goes through smoothly. Love Mum

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