San Sebastian

San Sebastian is billed as having one of Europe’s best city beaches, as well as good food and beautiful buildings so it seemed a fitting place to end our week in Spain. It didn’t take very long to get there from Sos so to kill time before check-in we went to a laundromat and competed with about a dozen other Aussies for a washer and dryer. Who knew this was where all the Aussies were? In fact that was probably what turned us off San Sebastian – it was full of Brits and Aussies. A far cry from Sitges where we felt like we’d discovered somewhere special.

San Sebastian hotels are super expensive so we really had no choice but to splash out and double our accommodation budget for some posh 4-star place which had a leaking shower door and no night stand on one side of the bed. Imagine if we’d paid full price, or even half price for the room. The best thing about it was the view…

Yes, that's a view worth paying for.

The hotel was a bit out of town but to get to the beaches and town we got to walk along a promenade with more fantastic views, so it was all ok. We had our last swim in Spain and then did the best people watching ever, since Spanish people conduct their beach walks in their swimwear. A neverending parade of humanity strolled past our towel (just one, since Toby didn’t bring his) which was fascinating. We’ve decided a beach swim is the best way to end a day on the motorbike.

Looking into town

We’ve also decided Spain (and France, and probably the rest of Europe) is decidedly unconcerned with the cancer epidemic that Australia is so worried about. No hats, no rashies to be seen, not even a T shirt on the beach. None of the tent city look that takes over the south coast in January. Lots of cigarettes and drinking. People who know about such things could let me know what their cancer rates are like, because it seems quite extraordinary. We definitely stuck out like sore thumbs in our hats and I felt like the whitest girl in the world. But in a place like this, you really can’t mind too much…

San Sebastian sunset

Edit, based on my last point, to give a big kudos to the Australian public health educators who have actually succeeded in making smoking and sunbaking appear unhealthy and even dangerous, and verging on socially unacceptable. I’m sure other countries think it’s impossible but after a lot of hard work over decades I think the culture shift has actually happened.


One thought on “San Sebastian

  1. Loved the food Of San S (esp old quarter and the Mich * training ground)but the beach is joke compared to even the poorest of OZ beaches.
    It was still cool when we were there plus we had one of our wet days in Spain. Even on a sunny day we escaped to Bilbao and that was the best!

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