On the home stretch

After San Sebastian we headed back over the border into France. The weather had cooled down considerably which was a welcome relief as the Pyrenees had not been the cool change we’d been expecting or hoping for. But we weren’t ready to leave the coast just yet. Our first night was spent in Biscarrosse and there’s not much to say about that, nor any photos, and the funny story about not being able to find the beach and trudging for what felt like forever through what was probably a nature reserve in the dunes isn’t as funny if you weren’t there. The beach was wide and flat and the most like Australian beaches we’ve seen – it even came with waves and a rip. And lifesavers who blew their whistles at us when we attempted to swim a couple of metres from the flags. In our defense, they have 3 or 4 different coloured flags and we couldn’t quite figure out the system.

After Biscarrosse we headed up to Ile D’Oleron, and that’s where the GPS surprised us by taking us to a ferry port without any warning. It was fine, once we realised we had to get on the ferry and the ferries were very regular, but it did make for a long day. We stayed in a small fishing village called La Cotiniere, which was very busy I suspect due to the cool and overcast weather so probably everyone staying at nearby beaches had come into town to look at the shops (like Mogo). It was too cool for swimming but Toby was determined so we went to the beach anyway and it was the least inviting beach we’ve ever seen, so that put an end to that.

Our hotel had a seafood restaurant that looked good so we ate there and that’s where the pictures in the other post of oysters and actual baby fish came from. It was a really good, quite expensive meal. After dinner we went for a walk to the fair which had been set up near the water. It was interesting, to see carnie folk in a whole new time zone, and for other reasons.


For example, we were surprised by the decidedly adult nature of many of the prizes…









…which inspired Toby to try his hand at winning a prize for his beloved…

so much concentration

And he won…a fluffy dice with dirty pictures on it. Aw, you shouldn’t have!!

so much pride


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