The outfit I wash 3 times a week

I’m talking about my running outfit. Why I need to wash it three times a week is a different matter. But for now, can I say for a novice runner with lactating boobs and a post-partum belly, this outfit is a saviour. I was discussing with my friend Heather the other day the importance of a good running outfit. Our husbands think we’re silly. But that’s ok.

This outfit feels good. It’s like wearing nothing at all, but with a straightjacket around the boobs and thighs to stop all the jiggling. The shallow part of me also loves how expensive it is. If you’re not a natural runner, you need something you will enjoy wearing to help you get out the door. So if you’re thinking of taking up running (or any other kind of exercise) and your ability and enthusiasm do not come naturally, invest in some nice threads that you’ll look forward to wearing. Even if you have to wash it lots (apparently not everyone washes their running gear after every run. Ew.).

RUN:For Your Life Crop

Crops that suck everything in and feel smooth and delicious. I spent too much money on these, on a whim, a week before Christmas when I should have been spending money on gifts for others, but that’s what happens when your baby hasn’t slept all day and you let yourself indulge in some retail therapy to recover.

This Berlei bra, although I’ve only ever seen it for sale in white. AWESOME. Also expensive, but we’re talking about boobs here! They’re important. I put a cheaper Target sports crop top thing over the top of it, to really reduce the bounce. I didn’t have to do that before I had a baby though. When I see girls struggling through a Body Attack class in what is obviously a terrible bra, I want to tell them about this. They think it’s exercise that’s hard, but it’s exercise in the wrong gear that’s making them feel that way. It makes such a big difference to be properly supported.

This Lululemon Light As Air tank that I got on the sales rack for 50% off. I can’t find it on any official Lululemon website (I got the picture from here and also found it for sale on ebay) – it’s like it never existed. The candy pink colour pleases me, as does the looser fit that never rides up, and it really does feel as light as air.


Women's ZigLite Electrify Shoes J90606

I also wear these shoes, not necessarily because they’re the best for running but because I got properly fitted for them in the US and now can order them from Amazon (or sometimes Brandsexclusive has them) and I know my size and I just choose different colours each time. I have a pair I use just for running, and a pair I use for everything else at the gym (and walking the dog).

I’ve registered for a 10km fun run in April and have promised myself some new running gear for the occasion. Then I’ll only have to wash it once or twice a week. Life’s looking up.


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