How TV is totally shitting me lately

Argh, things to make a feminist woman person angry come so thick and fast on TV it’s hard to keep up.

There’s a soap ad at the moment where the mum is spending the morning pouring cereal for kids old enough to pour their own (surely? How old is that?) and helping dad pack his briefcase when he is surely old enough to do that himself. And she’s smiling beatifically like all TV martyrs mums, and instead of being impressed with her organisation skills, or asking what soup kitchen she’s running today, or really valuing anything about this woman, you know what her kids and husband do? They smell her hands. And they are so happy. Because I guess her hands smell great. And she looks happy, because I guess that’s the main thing in life for a stay-at-home mum, what we really need to aspire to. Get your kids and husband their breakfast, and make sure your hands smell great.

Then there’s a life insurance ad, where the mum and school-aged kids are sending dad off to work wrapped in bubble wrap. Because, hello! He’s their only source of income so if he got injured, they’d be in deep trouble! And the neighbour looks at this (apparently able-bodied and sound-of-mind) woman in this big beautiful house with her kids who are going to school (and apparently have no special needs) and says, “Maybe you could get a job?” Yeah, in opposite land. A woman supporting a family? Hilarious. No, the neighbour says, “Oh just get life insurance.” Of course.

The other day on the ABC there was a little story about the Australian cricket team winning the world cup. It came after all the other stories about sport. Really, you say? But they won the world cup! But you see, it was the women’s team. So it barely counts. Out of interest I watched the headlines scrolling down the bottom of the screen – you know, the big news you can’t miss – and of the two cricket stories, that one didn’t warrant a mention.

(Aside: Speaking of women in sport I’m really curious as to whether the ACCC report covered women’s sport at all. I wonder if the results of that report and investigation will do anything for women’s sport. Probably not, but I’d be interested. I’m also interested in the report out today on the rock-bottom morale of the swimming team at last year’s Olympics considered the awesome results of the Paralympic team and whether they might have something to learn. Maybe all that time spent selling raffle tickets outside Coles helps with team morale? Who’d have thought.)

On the other hand, I also caught a very pretty young blonde thing presenting the weather the other day…gorgeous pregnant belly covered by a raspberry-coloured dress. So maybe things are changing, slowly, inconstantly, and maybe mostly for the gorgeous and young among us. But changing nonetheless.


One thought on “How TV is totally shitting me lately

  1. The women sports thing gets me too! Last year I spent a good fifteen minutes listening to two (male) teachers have a (pointless) argument about whether real Aussies watch AFL or Rugby. One of them very proudly,and in a huff, said AFL was the only code that all states of Australia cared about, and therefore all Australians should care about it. In an even bigger huff I said that the competition he was talking about was still only accessible to half the population and so couldn’t possibly be for all ‘real’ Aussies. That said, I was in a pub (in Newtown, possibly a gay pub) and the women’s cricket was on. It was such a surprise!
    Those ads sound ridic. I forget sometimes how dumb ads are!

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