Never buy ice cream again!

I’m going to have to rename this blog “” (seriously, don’t steal that) because so much of what I know and love comes from Jude, who somehow has a way of Discovering Things. You look at her and figure she must have her life pretty well sorted so you might as well steal her ideas and then maybe your life will be better sorted. Thanks to her I took up running, roasting vegetables on baking paper, freezing anything and everything, and read the book that changed my life. Jude shares her discoveries in the least pretentious way possible, unlike me who had to start a whole blog to share things. Jude (and her husband for that matter) is the kind of person who might casually mention she’s discovered a way to make ice cream at home, without an ice cream maker, and it’s no big deal really, but it’s a bit better than the stuff you get from a supermarket, and maybe she’ll bring some over for you to eat while you watch Pitch Perfect.

It is a big deal, and it’s much better than the stuff you get from Coles, and eating it while watching Pitch Perfect is the best way I can imagine spending Saturday night from here on.

It’s a Nigella recipe, but it’s not really a recipe, more a base and then you add your own deliciousness. It’s like having Goodberries or Cold Rock in your very own kitchen, without having to go to Gungahlin or Erindale and without the tweens and toddlers getting in the way.

This makes enough ice cream for four adults, or maybe five or six if you’re serving it with something else. But really, make more than you think you’ll need, because there’s always room for ice cream either in your tummy or the freezer.

Whip 300 ml of thickened cream with 175g condensed milk (this is half a tin – and yes you can freeze the rest if it doesn’t somehow magically end up in your gob) and 2 tablespoons of liqueur until peaks form. Also, the liqueur is what helps it stay soft in the freezer, so don’t go all alcohol-free on this one. The texture ends up more like gelato than ice cream (unless I get lazy and use the food processor, in which case it ends up like ice cream but still tastes good).

Then stir in some yummy stuff, and put it in the freezer for at least 6 hours. Yes, you will have to wait for this. Yes, it will be worth it. In the meantime, just lick the bowl.

Here are some ideas for the yummy stuff to stir in, some of which we’ve tried, others are on the list for the next Pitch Perfect viewing.

Butterscotch schnapps and…

  • ground ginger and crushed ginger nut biscuits
  • vanilla extract and crushed butter nut biscuits
  • honey, vanilla and walnuts
  • baked apple and dates
  • maple syrup and pecans
  • some kind of salted caramel business

Then there’s creme de cacao (or something like frangelico) and anything that goes with chocolate, like crushed Oreos, chopped up cookie dough (I made these cookies last week and used the leftover dough in ice cream – highly recommended), nuts, choc chips, berries. We discovered on the weekend you can add cocoa powder to up the chocolate hit and it works. I have also heard you can make your own coconut condensed milk so I have grand plans for that, including a Cherry Ripe flavour and some kind of rip on the yummy lime and coconut cakes with the oaty base you get at cafes these days. Also on the list is a Turkish delight using rose water and pistachios and creme de menthe plus chocolate in some form. We may need a trip to the gorgeous Wild Brumby distillery to stock up on flavoured schnapps? Also, should probably steal ideas from the fancy ice creams like the awesome ones from Maggie Beer.

This recipe was a gift from Nigella to Jude, from Jude to me, and now I’m giving it to the WORLD. You’re welcome.

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