Recent food finds

It’s easy to get stuck in a rut food-wise, for someone who reads cooking blogs and owns many cookbooks I make a lot of the same things. A lot. I always appreciate it when people point me in the direction of new recipes or ideas, so here are some things I’ve found recently that other people might like too.

Coconut biscuits. You don’t have to make the jam for these (although it’s super easy) – I’ve used jarred jam and it’s fine. Also, you can make your own coconut butter by putting desiccated coconut in the food processor until it turns into a butter kind of consistency. It keeps in a container at room temperature for ages. The last time I made these I didn’t have enough coconut to make the butter so I used coconut oil. You couldn’t really tell the difference with the batter or the taste but they spread kind of weird in the oven, so I’d suggest using coconut butter (or regular I guess, not sure). Also, did you know you can make your own almond meal by just processing slivered almonds? I know, I felt dumb when I realised that too. Costco sells enormous bags of slivered almonds as well as coconut oil, by the way.

Chocolate chilli biscuits. These are DELICIOUS. People LOVE them. I’ve been making them a lot because I always have all the ingredients.

Kale and mushroom bowl. Don’t know what to do with all the kale and mushrooms in your vegie drawer? Never fear! I made this one night when Toby was out and it was very tasty. I’d recommend not adding quite as much soy sauce though – I found mine a bit too salty.

Jumbo stuffed shells. I honestly don’t know why these aren’t known in Australia. We’ve got canneloni and lasagne and everything else, why not jumbo shells? I’ve seen them at Costco and have also been able to buy them at delis that sell specialist pasta. They are yummy, and there are recipes all over the internet both vegan and not.

Wintery comfort food using cauliflower (WHY are they so big when you only ever need 1/4 of it??) – a creamy pasta sauce that needs a good handful of parmesan or nutritional yeast, or as a soup base with basil and gnocchi (I didn’t add any beans).

Poor Emma is still often given “something on toast” plus “some vegies” and “some fruit” for lunch and dinner, but I’m on a mission to try and improve this. I already owned a couple of baby and toddler cookbooks but didn’t find them that great – they tended to be half purees and then half main meals. I really wanted more finger food, things like vegie muffins or pikelets that I could make a batch of and feed to little miss. So I’ve just bought this and so far Emma has liked almost everything from it (except the potato frittata). Last night I made the pumpkin dahl for me and Toby, and saved some for Emma today, and she LOVED it. Who knew?

Happy eating.

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