How to live the dream*

  • Hop on an international flight once a fortnight. Nothing says relaxing like airport security and airline food.
  • Enrol your children in a ‘holistic international school’ where each day starts with yoga and meditation. Kids love to be quiet and still first thing in the morning.
  • Employ a full-time nanny for each of your children. This will free up your precious time to concentrate on living your dream. Don’t worry about the cost – when you live in a second-world country, wages are pleasantly low.
  • Live in an Italian-style villa. In Bali. Perhaps one day, you can buy a Balinese villa on the Amalfi coast. Then you’ll have really made it.
  • Ensure your husband owns hundreds of surfboards. Presumably so he need never use the same one twice in a year.
  • Own an abundance of bikinis, for the same reason.
  • Have sunset drinks with friends.
  • Permanent hotel suite you call ‘home’ not cozy enough? Rather than live in an actual home, burn some candles to create that homely feeling.


* According to the profile of Lindy Klim (wife of Michael), in a recent Sun Herald article about ‘part-time expats’. I can’t find a link online but here is another awesome example of Lindy’s wisdom**. 

** To be fair, Lindy is probably a nice person and a great mum who just doesn’t realise how things sound when they come out her mouth***

*** They sound hilarious.


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