Reflections on watching Dawson’s Creek

A wonderful friend who knows me too well lent me her boxed set of the complete Dawson’s Creek series. I had it over Easter, while Toby was away and I was responsible for a toddler and eating all the chocolate. It was a hard weekend made immeasurably better by reacquainting myself with ‘those damn river kids’. And yet, some things kept niggling at me. So here they are, in no particular order.


1. Dawson’s dad is hot. Pretty sure recognising this definitely makes me old.

Oh Mitch, you can do better than that floozie of a wife!



2. On the other hand, I still find Pacey totally adorable, so hopefully that means I’m still a bit young.

3. I actually feel like a bit of a perve watching 16 year olds making out. Does the fact they were actors (much) older than 16 make it okay? Only marginally.

4. When did we decide high school girls went to school with fake tan and fake eyelashes after half an hour spent with the blowdryer? The girls on Dawson’s Creek might be attractive but they’re normal attractive. An average teenage girl looking at them would probably not feel as though they were a completely different species. The last TV show I watched featuring high school characters was The Vampire Diaries, and those girls made me feel inadequate. I suppose there’s Glee, but those girls are either absolutely stunning or ‘diverse’. There’s no ‘normal’.

Joey Potter, who got out of bed, showered, brushed her hair, ate breakfast, and went to school like a normal girl.

Elena Gilbert, who got out of bed, showered, spent an hour straightening her hair, half an hour applying false eyelashes and lip gloss, ate a tic tac, and went to school.

5. I remember those clothes!

The oversized flannie! The pendant on leather!

6. I’m not sure Michelle Williams would be cast in a high school soap opera anymore. She looks like she eats actual food, which as we all know is forbidden for most actresses.




“Yes, I eat food. What of it?”


7. I am much more interested in the parents’ storyline than the kids’. Yeah, I’m definitely old.

Mitch & Gail. Marriage is hard work, amiright?

8. I remember workshopping everything like that! Sitting around for hours analysing and debating and maybe he meant this or maybe I meant that. Because what else did we have to do but back and forth until we had the world figured out.



More analysing…

9. I still kind of wish I lived somewhere I could row to everything.

10. The best legacy of Dawson’s Creek is of course the gif…

Dawson Crying gif

Cracks me up every time.


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