When Emma turned 3

So, my baby girl turned 3. I am like all parents who get confused at their children’s birthdays – I can’t believe she’s that old, where did the time go, remember how she was once not here? (Not really, no.) She’s been here so long that she’s got a brother, a favourite cartoon (Winx Club anyone?) and a strong preference for garlic bread over most other food (except cake) and dresses over all other clothes. I don’t know where the time went but I’m glad it did, because while threenagers are pretty challenging they are also a lot of fun. Plus, she still loves cuddles with mum, which makes up for everything else.

The day started with a “follow the string” game through the house to find her present.


(Yes, that’s a tiara. Feminist parenting for the win.)


The present was a balance bike that she has yet to love, but we’ll get there.


We are trying really hard to teach her not to steal daffodils from other people’s gardens, but in this case I didn’t think our lovely neighbours would mind.


I made my family join us for a picnic lunch, because it was a day I had two children at home by myself and needed something fun to do. Emma was stoked to get a birthday donut, thanks to nana, and to open more presents.


How all SES officers should spend their lunch breaks.


We made these vegan cupcakes for her birthday dinner, so I could eat them, but the best bit of course was licking the bowl (wearing her new apron from aunty Jude came a close second).


We spent some time outside playing with new toys.


A birthday dinner of Emma’s dreams – garlic bread, and pizza toppings (without the pizza, but with a week’s worth of sodium).


The candle was too big for the delicious vegan cupcake.


When we first started planning Emma’s party, her immediate desire was to have a Frozen party and go as Elsa. You can’t possibly say no to such a reasonable request and to see her face when she put on her dress was pure joy, for both of us.


The way you have a Frozen party is you go to the Big W party shop and just spend lots of money on things that have Frozen on them. Here’s Toby commandeering the piñata like a boss.


Emma first got the idea to have a birthday party when we helped set up Jude’s 30th back in July. She was very specific that her party required balloons “in all the rainbow” and streamers. Frozen streamers, preferably. Luckily the Big W party shop delivered. Here’s Emma helping to decorate her own party with the Frozen streamers.


I’m super lucky to have talented and willing family to help put together an amazing spread of party food.


Two little Elsas, standing on a wall. (Emma was so excited when her little friend Lilah turned up as Coronation Day Elsa.)


Unfortunately none of us got a great picture of the cake, which was courtesy of the amazing Di/Grandma. The way you make a Frozen cake is you go to a speciality cake shop and ask for “one of those edible picture thingies”. They can print one for you, or if you want the same one as every second girl on the planet, they’ve probably already got one.


Happiness is lollies in the sun. Wearing an Elsa dress.


The only possible outcome after all that excitement.



…there was red velvet cake on her 2nd birthday (she still asks for red cake)…


…and chocolate cake on her 1st (safe to say she has developed more of a taste for it).

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