Emma’s 4th birthday: no such thing as too many rainbows!

A few months ago when Emma started to talk about her birthday party (yes, I know), we agreed on a rainbow theme. She tried to change it a few times but by then I’d checked out Pinterest and discovered a world of not-that-hard rainbow party ideas, so I shot down all subsequent requests. This was also the year Emma discovered Pinterest so we had lots of fun times looking through pictures on my phone together and saving 99% of them.

First up was invitations. My friend Tamar is super talented and has always done my invitations in the past but she’s still on maternity leave so instead we ordered these. There’s loads of cute rainbow themed birthday invites on Etsy and it was hard for Emma to choose but we were super happy with them.

Then there was the matter of Emma’s party dress. On her 1st birthday I started a tradition of buying her a new dress as part of her birthday present. Of course she’s now old enough to choose herself (kind of a bugger for me), but we managed to agree on another Etsy purchase (no longer available by the looks of it).

If I’d been more organised and rich I would have put some effort into clothes for the rest of us. In particular I found a lot of Pride-related stuff online, way too late to be ordered. Emma obviously didn’t choose a rainbow theme as a political statement but given the current (awful) climate around LGBTQ rights I found all the rainbows very pleasing and it would have been nice to support an organisation by wearing their merchandise. Never mind.

We decided to have the party at home, our first time of doing so. I’m a big fan of parties in the park for all the reasons but every year I stress about the weather. And even though it’s always fine in the end, given we have a bigger space now I wanted to save myself the last minute stress. Lucky I did because the day before we got three months worth of rain in one go. It cleared up on the Saturday but everything was still pretty soggy so I was happy we could just set up inside and not worry about it.

The food was easy because you just need things that use lots of different colours, like fairy bread, fruit kebabs, coloured popcorn, veggie trays, and lollies. In particular Di did an awesome job with this delicious salsa (highly recommended – made for a great nachos topping and was still good the next day) and also some rainbow cupcakes which looked fab.

Di usually does the birthday cake and from now on I will keep up that tradition. I did it this year because it needed six layers and I’m the one with the enormous oven, but making six layer cakes that don’t look melted on one side is not my forte. Still, it was fun especially the night before when Finn was asleep and the three of us stayed up making the layers. This is a good tutorial which I discovered a bit late. Also two days before I learnt about piñata cakes and ended up deciding I really really had to do that too

I was pretty proud of it in the end. And the whole thing, really. Emma had a great time with her friends and it was all around good fun. Now for the photos.

Baking six cakes takes a village

Organising the popcorn

I think they call this a tablescape in the party planning biz.

Fairy bread, lollies, rainbow cupcakes, oh my.

I was way too proud of the rainbow jellies.

The cake looks great from a distance.


I loved how Finn looked like he was ready to go to Mardi Gras. He was the life of the party, once he woke up from his nap.

Emma’s actual birthday was the day after – also Father’s Day and a fun run day. I thought she’d be annoyed Toby was getting stuff on her birthday, but she thought it was neat. And the fun run was an excellent morning activity since it involved a jumping castle and face painting. In the afternoon we went to the toy shop so she could spend some birthday money, followed by a trip to the park and then dinner at Grill’d since no one felt like cooking after that weekend.

Emma asked for a robot for her birthday and Toby was more than happy to oblige. Meet Kibo.

Seriously. She’s 4. How did that happen?

Toby bought her creaming soda as a special birthday treat, and this is what she thought of it.

Finn tried his first burger and he was a massive fan.

Happy birthday to our gorgeous clever sparkle of a girl. We love you more than words.


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